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Key Features:
Manage Unlimited Members and Groups
PHPMembers allows you to have unlimited members on your website. You can manage them by groups or individually.
Protect Folders and Links
Only members in specific groups as you define are allowed to access web contents in protected folders or links.
Support Paid Subscriptions
With PHPMembers payment plug-ins, you can create unlimited number of paid subscriptions and protected areas on your website.
Collect Member Information
You can create custom forms to collect member information that you want. You can also control access to the forms, and automatically assign members to specific groups after they submit the forms.
Easy-to-modify Templates
PHPMembers template file is an HTML file with a few custom tags. It is very easy to learn and modify the template file to fit your website style.
Support Multi-language
You can easily build a multi-language membership website with PHPMembers, or translate the script into your own language.
Modular Expansion
PHPMembers can be expanded to be any kind of web applications by using its powerful official or 3rd-party plug-ins. Click here to find out more about plug-ins.
Mass Mailing
Professional email campaign services such as Campaign Monitor are integrated with PHPMembers by plug-ins.
Integrate with CMS and 3rd-party Systems
PHPMembers can be integrated with popular content management systems and other 3rd-party systems including Joomla, WordPress, PHPBB3 etc.
Backup System
You can backup the system in just minutes through the easy-to-use web admin panel. No programming is required.
Open Source
Unlike some membership software, PHPMembers is an open source product. You can see inside the script and modify it to fulfill your business objectives. It is the script for growth!
Installation Wizard
PHPMembers comes with a user friendly installation wizard that helps you setup a membership website in just minutes.